Neshatshop started specially its activity as the first condom representing in Iran With a young staff and non- beneficial aims in 1376. (1996) Some of important purposes are: campaign against uncontrolled growth of population and expansion of Aids.

Neshatshop is the first shop that selling only all Kinds of condoms. Maybe we can see the first steps of running this plan, selling a number of old and outdated condoms in market and beautiful pacts by profiteer people.

So, there will be heavy and irreparable damages as its results; materially and spiritually. For example, we can mention not only affliction to different diseases, but also unwanted birth of children that society will face social and economical problems. Think of unwanted children that keeping them by their parents is difficuit, so they Leave them in the streets or give them to orphanage because of bad conditions.

Why shouldn’t we prevent pregnancy by using condom anel low cost, why we in doubt and with a little mistake are, we put heavy expenses on the shoulder of our society. Like abortion that we can't deny its negative effects on mother, physically and spiritually. Since, the way of using condom in our Tradit ional society as a sanitary necessary work was not considered and people were not familiar with All kinds of trustable marks and got them with high expenses than usual. Neshatshop has provided all kinds of different and standard condoms. Establishment of this shop at the outset was an unusual phenomenon. But After a while and regarding serious and hidden facts in its aims, it started seriously and for supplying needing of society.

Of course, there is not yet the way of condom in our society and the Community considers it as a bad thing and information for this process is limited while this thing is a means for natural needings of human that god has put it in man’s inside and no science of natural or humanity can deny it.