what is condom?

Condom (or bonnet) is a plastic coverage that prevents pouring semen into the uterus. Using condom is an effective way to prevent pregnancy and side effects.

Sometimes, a first material of condom is made of materials but latex like; condoms made of animal tissue that their function and quality rather than condoms made of latex is less.

Condom consist of latex, are confirmed strongly, because, they are both thinner and more resistant and probably, getting disease and virus is less.

Sometimes and it hardly happens that woman is sensitive to the first material of condom and it injures the uterus. So, in these situations, she must use condoms that are not made of latex.

Condoms have special size in developed countries. But, that’s why using condoms isn’t set well, there is no special size for it. Its size is average and they enlarge and get posture for elastic and rubbery mode.

Essential condoms

Maybe few people know that why condoms are perfumed and essence is put on it.  Since, simple and usual condom for its material (latex) and other additives after production doesn’t have a good smell, and the hand of its user gets smell while using, they add essence to it on production until bad smell not Annoy the nose.

Noticeable points and advantage of using condom.

  • Try to keep condom in a specific and available place and also, away from heat, pressure, sun Light and permanent humidity because. You can’t trust it. For example: your wallet is pressed daily, is not a good plaee

  • besides preventing pregnancy, it prevents venereal diseases. And with reducing the Transfer of venereal diseases, it reduces danger of affliction to cancer of the vagina and infertility.

  • using condom is good, in case of sensibility of ladies to husband’s semen.

  • It is useful for men who have early – ejaculation and it delays ejaculation and keeps vanity as result.

  • Using condoms cost cheap and personal usage is comfortable and it doesn’t need any guidance.

  • besides, whenever necessary, it is usable with other preventing ways like, some first months of vasectomy.

  • after stopping using it, pregnancy can be done, so, you can make wanted distance of age between children.

  • each condom is used once. And it is necessary to notice expiration time. And prevent using it, if it is outdated.

  • for softening and slipping condom, you can use special gels for this and lubrications that their main material is water. And avoid seriously greasing of condoms. because any kind of grease can damage condoms (like Vaseline, oil and etc…). These gels are available at the pharmacy.

  • touching condoms with sharp things while using, like long nail and ring, may cause cutting the condom.

  • until the menstruation hasn’t been started for nursing mothers, they can use this way instead of special pill.

  • using condom is reasonable because of cheap price and simple using against affliction to all kinds of venereal diseases And Aids that they will be briefly explained.

  • Since, affliction to diseases will have heavy cure expenses and mental disorders.

  • Some times, for colorful condoms, it seems that its thickness is more or less, while the sharp color of condom gives us an imagination.

  • Sometimes, people express that using condom can lower the enjoyments for little information and less knowledge of using it, so, it’s a wrong idea and illusion. And there is no affect in this phenomenon by using condoms.

If on sexual intercourse, you realize cutting or any hole in condom or you have had sexual intercourse near pregnancy, you can prevent pregnancy with  Preventing pills of pregnancy by the following method:

Take two pills of preventing pregnancy (at most up to 72 hours) after sexual intercourse near to unwanted pregnancy from H.D kind (totally 4 H.D pills). If H.D pills are not available, immediately take two pills of L.D

(pale- yellow) at the same time together and take two more pills of this kind after 12 hours (totally 8 pills).

 Remember, if you take pills faster, it will be helpful to prevent unwanted pregnancy although, in most cases, this method can prevent unwanted pregnancy,

But its affect is not %100 and using this method is specially for emergency and Should not be a permanent way to prevent.

What condom should we use?

You should use well – known and examined condoms. Because, condom’s holes Maybe so tiny that electronic devices only can recognize them. But sperm and virus can pass through it and usual eye can’t see it. So, always use condoms that Have been tested electronically hundred percent. And notice condom’s mark, it must be valid mark and shape like well – known ones that don’t have main quality

And have not been tested.

And there are also condoms with obscene photos that mostly don’t have good quality, and they are packed non – automatically and if they are imports they are Imported illegally. And these imports necessitate that condom imports, one by one and under pressure and lack of good conditions. So this can reduce its quality.

How to use condom?

You should put the condom on the gentile organ before sexual intercourse and in erection mode. as it covers completely, because man’s secretions are also before semen ejaculation.

You should empty small blank space that is at the bottom of condom and semen gather there.

It means you should hold the first and bold part of condom with your thumb and Mid- finger, which is an empty space and gathering place of semen, so it is empty of air. Then put it with another hand.

Because, gathered air in the mentioned empty space while entering can cause tear in condom.

We should not take out the condom from ring – shaped mode when we open the package for using it.

Using condom is like a time when you coil up your socks .then, you put the tip of Your foot and you stretch it by slipping and opening the ring of socks. Using condom is almost like this.

Sometimes, you notice – while using condom – condom is not put. And as much as you roll down the condom, it’s useless. In these cases, you have put it on the contrary. So, it’s necessary for you to blow once in the condom (without opening) it opens and you can recognize its correct side (like a balloon you blow it) after ejaculation, it ’s necessary for you to take out condom, and fold its head and put it in a tissue , then put it in the wastepaper basket. Please; avoid throwing condom in toilet because , condom is not solvable in any material and the best Way is throwing it into the rubbish bag.