Passion feeling in human is a quite natural phenomenon and no right wisdom Denies it rationally and find a solution to satisfy this feeling. Because, continuation of human generation depends on this instinct.

The peak of this instinct will start at the same time with physical mature.

That has a humorous pressure on person. This instinct should be satisfied in a reasonal and right frame.

The best way to satisfy this instinct – since human creation – has been marriage.

Marriage not only can solve mental and spiritual problems but also provides the Right way unfortunately, today, there are many difficulties in front of youth marriage that we can mention some of them like; hard conditions by parents and even the young themselves, unemployment, less income and etc….

The most important difficulty is bad economical condition that we can dispel it by realism Not idealism and also decreasing expectations level.

There is so much offer to marriage in Islam as a good and auspicious occasion and introduces it as the best tradition of the best human in human history , it means the holy prophet.

Love guarantees marriage to remain:

One of the factors that can guarantees marriage is love both sides of bride and groom must love each other because, you can say, they are not happy and can not live with  each other for long years.

Loving each other is a unrepeatable part of life and is one of the basic conditions for continuation of life .woman must' not have any beloved except her husband and must

love her husband from the heart, and she must know that there is no creature under this blue sky kinder than her husband and respect him a lot and man must love his wife  and love her completely and should tell her that " I love you "    because, this sentence will not go out of his wife’s heart.

One of the innocent leaders say that (vasael- al- shiit, volume 14, page 119)

Anyone who gets married, should respect her wife because, your wife can give you Hope, so; don’t spoil her.

And another one also says, addresses to women, (bahar –al- anvar78, page 237)

Woman should love her husband and should make up herself in the eyes of her