One of the most obvious sexual intercourse is early – ejaculation that men are often afflicted to it or they think so. Because they expect themselves a lot.

Another problem, related to this, is that person is afflicted, instead of going to specialist, consults with his friends and they mostly prescribe little opium and the afflicted person  can get his aim for some months but after less.

Than one year, he not only is addicted, but also will lose all his emotion. Sometimes, people use an esthetizer drugs that using them continuously can cause the prostate gland. Using them should not be more than once a week.

Meanwhile, it is not recommended to use anesthetize drug for tooth, because, it will damage, it will damage genital organs in long time.

It is necessary to say that in related special sprays, there is about %10



Another public description is Viagra that you can use it in the following way:

Since, erection act is with liver pumping and blood – circulation raise and heart Beat and finally passion feeling, Viagra causes liver to pump more abnormally And not in the right way , it ’s better not to use Viagra that is a chemical material and use natural foods that you can find them a lot in the nature , it’s recommended those who have heart failure , not to use this pill without Consultation with specialist.

Mind relaxation:

The most factor in this problem is mind relaxation and boosting will. Mind relaxation and also inspiring power points can cause sexual enrichment.

Sexual fortifying with food

Vitamin E is one of the most important vitamin that using it correctly can fortify sexual power, happiness and skin freshness and remaining youth.

Besides current pills, we can mention fish that eating it in your nutrition can be the best provider of energy. because, fish contains lots of vitamin E.

By the way, it’s recommended to take vitamin E naturally rather than taking pills.

Generally, natural material is better than any kind of chemical ones that have side effects.

You can use the following materials as booster for men:

  • Honey and ginger

  • Freshly – germinated wheat

  • boiled turnip in the milk

  • banana and its juice

  • Lamb from male one

  • polo (Iranian food) saffron with spring onion

  •  fish from male one with spring onion

  • Generally fresh meat of male animals.

 These ones can reduce sexual force in men:

  • camphor = caphor

  • fennel

  • lime/lemon

  • meat form female animal

  • coffee

  • mustard

  • alcohol

  • opium and all kinds of drugs

Eat well

Although, food and fruit have vitamin and are good, if you don’t chew them  Well, they will be useless.

Because, when they are not mixed with saliva and go to stomach, your stomach Can not change them to food’s juice and so, it will repel like remains and feces, and their vitamin will repel through body.

There are also other disabilities except early – ejaculation like:

  • testicle laziness

  • Coming late to ejaculation

  • coming early to ejaculation

  • late erection

  • early fade of erection

  • weak erection

Seeing an orologist:

In case of having any kind of sexual failure, you should see an orologist.

orologist can cure your sexual failures . He has tens of patients in this field so, your Disease is certainly natural for him.

Sexual boosting physically:

Recently, there are some devices on the internet that their aim is increasing the length of genital organ. This is denied by some doctors and specialists and it hasn’t Been proven not have side effect by them.

There are other ways except these devices like: some daily continuous ways that its advantage is more rational because, it’s like sport usage.

It is necessary to say that purification in long times, can be useful, that is:

An act that men do after urine comes out. Because, the humidity comes out from Conduits later, should not be sentenced to urine. It has some kinds; The best one is that after finishing urine , it is necessary to pull your  hand (left one) three times with your mid- finger from the bottom side to the top of the genital organ then , put your thumb on the penis and next finger to thumb under it and Pull three times to circumcision part and finally, press the head of penis three times.

The act of purification as explained, is a recommended one that has- said for taking out the remains of urine in urine conduits.