Venereal diseases are those ones that will be transferred by sexual intercourse, some of them are:


In today’s world that a large number of people from different countries whether developed countries or third world die, and the treatment of this deadly disease is An inoperable puzzle for scientists: prevention is the only way to fight with this mean Phenomenon.

We must prevent before affliction to aids

Although, the collective media of the world give information about ways of disease transfer” and enough and clear ones, we also see so many people die in daily life.

Since spreading the disease, the new world has challenged with this deadly diseases for twenty years. Each year, five millions of new pollution and three millions of death happen in all over the world. More than %50 of new cases are Between 15 to 34 years old and %90 of these cases are living in the third world.

The main way of transferring aids virus is suspending sexual intercourse or full of danger behaviors.

What is aids?

Aids is a deadly disease that disrupts the deface system of body. And patient will be out of deface against all kinds of cancers and infections. And finally he will die horridly.

Since, the disease enters the body until the time, disease starts, it takes 10 or 20 years. During this time, infected people (they are in the incubation period)

Can make healthy people infected, although, they have a very healthy and elegant appearance than even doctors can’t recognize their symptoms.

We emphasize again that people who carrying aids virus, don’t have special symptoms. And maybe, they are very attractive and healthful by appearance.

But this mustn’t make you wrong not to use condom.

Don’t jeopardize your health & family and society for negligence.

Ways of transferring aids virus:

  • Sexual intercourse with infected person is the main way of transfer Aids virus in the world. This can be found among prostitutes and guys and other people that have sexual partners.

  • Injected addicts for the same syringe and infected needle to virus.

  • Non- clean medical tool and barberry blade.

  • common toothbrush with infected person.

  • Through mother infected to baby.

The disease in first steps is not recognizable that is called

"Window period" and any person can be the carrier .these are some specifications of

 aids disease that make its control difficult.

Generally, following personal sanitation and also, observing moral principles are noticeable ways.

So, using condom as the last and the surest way for prevention is recommended to you.

Gonorrhoea / gonorrhea

Symptoms of gonorrhea in men consist of pain on urinating, secretion of pus, fever and hardly urinating and in women it may be often not have any symptoms at First steps of disease and infected person may only feel slightly pain on urinating or have a little secretion.

But after some months or some years, the pain of downside of stomach and menstruation disruptions may appear by it or the patient will be infertile.

Remember that in men, first symptoms of patience will start after 2 or 5 days of sexual intercourse with infected person and in women, it will take many years to

Appear but, even if, the infected woman doesn’t have any symptom, can transfer infection to another person. Side effects of this disease can appear like ; urinating system problems and genital  organs or joints problems like ; inflation , pain hardness and many other problems that it is necessary to see a doctor as soon as possible; in case of any symptoms.


in syphlis , the first symptom is usually an injury that called shunker and will appear after 2 or 5 days after sexual intercourse with infected person and something like boil or injury appear that is mostly in men not woman genital organs that has lets of microbe. There is no pain for syphilis injure and will take only some days and  Disappear without treatment and automatically but expands in body system and will appear like:

Sore throat, mild fever, mouth injuries or joints inflation. And one of the following symptoms will appear on skin:

  • itching points on hands and feet.

  • urticaria ring – shaped lines

  • Painful points in all body

Above symptoms usually disappear in body automatically and at this time infected person thinks that he is ok but in fact, disease is expanding and spreading.

If syphlis is not cured completely, it will spread on all body and will cause heart, mental and other disruptions.

So, pay attention, if special points or skin diseases appear on genital organs after Some days or weeks of boil or injury; person may have syphlis, in this case, if you have any doubt, you must see a doctor.


This disease with public name –bubo– will lead to enlargement of lymphatic glands in the groin. In men, it is like a big and dark gland in the groin that pus comes out of it later and

 in women disorders happen like men or secreting painful injuries appear at the anus.

Other sexual intercourse diseases

Except those were mentioned, there are another sexual intercourse diseases That threaten human’s health that we can mention for instance; hepatitis as a killing and deadly disease.

Since, using condom can prevent such diseases; it will be out of wisdom if you don’t use it.

Anyway, following moral principles and obligation to religious ones can be ways of individual and society health.